“I really enjoyed the chat before Casablanca by the young gentleman. It really helped put the film in context” We were honoured to have local Borough Councillor (and self-confessed film geek) Andrew Schrader to introduce our showing of Casablanca on the 18th February. This was the first time we had provided some background to a […]

@BillericayCine Film Schedule By the end of January Billericay Community Cinema will have completed 4 full months of operations. This meant we needed a new Film Schedule …. and a lengthy discussion was held to agree what comes next. Based on our experiences so far, the feedback we’ve had from guests, requests that @BillericayCine visitors have made – […]

“Benny Hill” style video at the bottom of this page !   It takes us about 90 minutes to set up Billericay Community Cinema in the Library. There are two separate parts : the Cinema in the main Library area, and our Refreshment Stands in the Foyer. In the first of a sequence of videos we show […]

Why would anyone go to see a film in a library? My wife and I went to see Slumdog Millionaire at Billericay Library for three reasons: we’d not seen the film before; we wanted to see how on earth the library could be transformed into the Billericay Community Cinema; and we were keen to support […]

Check out our video : @BillericayCine : The Movie ! Shot by Carl Roberts from VERTEXPictures it showcases our Grand Opening screening in Billericay Library. We’re really impressed; we hope you are too !

“Cinema for All” – which is part of the British Federation of Film Societies (BFFS) has a very clear definition : “A community cinema is any volunteer-led and non-profit organisation that shows films in its community. This includes film societies and clubs; pop-up cinemas; school film clubs; college and university student cinemas; screenings in village […]

Initially, we chose them.  The advice we received from other Community Cinemas about starting up was that the organising Committee choose the first films. Once the cinema was established and the organising team had a bit more experience, involving the audience in the subsequent choices was highly recommended. This approach took one organisational headache away from us, […]

Lesson Number 1 : It’s not simple ! Not having any previous experience we soon discovered that putting on a show is quite a complex affair. It doesn’t just happen on the night – in fact advance work on the next show starts even before the previous one has finished. This is some of what’s involved : Licenses All of […]

@BillericayCine Presents “Men In Black” For our first trial night, especially for our hard working volunteers, we are pleased to announce that we will be showing Men in Black! Please Click Here to see more details about our Event

Sponsor a Film @BillericayCine Local sponsorship has always been a great way for businesses – especially local businesses – to get better publicity and create local goodwill. We hope sponsoring Billericay Community Cinema can be a great way for you to achieve this. We’ve developed a sponsorship package which will translate all of the fantastic […]