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It takes us about 90 minutes to set up Billericay Community Cinema in the Library. There are two separate parts : the Cinema in the main Library area, and our Refreshment Stands in the Foyer.

In the first of a sequence of videos we show you the setup and packing away of the Cinema ….

The very first thing we do is take photos of the Library layout so that we can put everything back in exactly the right place. Only then can we clear the Library space : all the bookcases are on wheels – and they are surprisingly easy to move.

While we have a large open space we unpack the screen. The frame is jointed and slots open quickly, legs are attached and then the screen is unfolded and fixed to the frame.

Meanwhile people are bringing chairs and sofas from all over the Library and Burghstead Lodge – but until the screen has been raised we have to wait to set these out. During this time people are fixing blinds (currently heavy duty builder’s plastic – but we’re hoping to upgrade !) to all of the windows to create an almost pitch black environment.

Bookcases have to be moved (and marked so we know exactly where to put them back !), seats have to be moved and our screen – which comes in a 30kg case has to be unpacked, unfolded and put up.

At the end we reverse the process. But each and every time, our biggest challenge is folding the screen fabric correctly. It’s important that it is done in a particular way to keep the surface clean and damage free.

In our video we show you us setting up the Cinema ready for our Christmas 2015 showing of “It’s a Wonderful Life”. We’ve compressed the video so it only takes a couple of minutes or so …. and we hope you like the music !


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