Gosh! What an evening! As people came into the Library, they were welcomed by the wonderful music provided by talented young men and women from the Jazz group and the Classical Quartet of the Brentwood Orchestras of Youth Musicians. We had quite a few very positive comments from people – and we know that live music […]

We recognise that entertaining your kids can be a tricky business at the best of times, and it’s even more difficult during holidays! On Sunday 31st July we are showing Toy Story and our additional entertainment – at no extra cost – includes : Our popular Art & Craft Stall. We’ve colouring of key characters […]

Do you want to be a part of the Billericay Community Cinema? We need volunteers to train as projectionists for our monthly shows on a Sunday afternoon and/or Thursday evening. No experience necessary – just enthusiasm and a desire to help support a great community initiative. We’ll train you in how to set up our […]

Thursday 18th May, 2016. It’s time for The Blues Brothers at Billericay Community Cinema. To kick off the evening young Billericay local, Adam Holdsworth performed live behind the chicken wire in Bob’s Country Bunker. Adam played a selection of music from the show which got everybody in the mood. He was even joined by Jake […]

Film Thursday : June to December After much discussion, debate – and a few drinks – we’re pleased to announce our “Film Thursday” schedule for the second half of the year. You asked us to keep a mix of genres and we hope we’ve done that. From 1916 to 2014, from Comedy to Western, Musical to […]

Family Sunday : July to December We’re pleased to announce our “Family Sunday” schedule for the second half of 2016. We’re keeping to the tried and tested formula that you all seem to like with a range of different, but very entertaining family films. And of course we’ve got Halloween and Christmas coming up (yes, we […]

Bad News What a great way to start a post! Unfortunately, “due to circumstances beyond out control” we can no longer show “Independence Day” in June. We’re very sorry about this because we know a number of you were really looking forward to seeing it back on the big screen. We thought, given the release of […]

Billericay’s Big Heroes! Sixty heroes small and not so small gathered on Sunday 24th April to watch the thrilling “Big Hero 6”. The doors opened at 2:30pm and in came groups of excited youngsters. Munching their way through popcorn, our guests quickly got involved in some of the activities laid on: there was colouring in […]

Thursday 17th March marked the 500th visitor to @BillericayCine! We’ve shown over 13 films since we opened last October and we thought that the arrival of our 500th guest deserved a celebration. Everyone who came to Jaws received a special “Amity Gazette” Newsletter with their own unique number. A hat was produced and the number chosen. Lucky guest Paul […]

More than just cinema, it’s Community Cinema. When we started Billericay Community Cinema we had the idea to use our shows to help publicise and showcase local community groups or charities, and in particular those who tended to get less exposure. So at each showing, a local charity or community group is given a stall in […]