Breakfast at Tiffany’s was easily our most ambitious showing yet. Selling tickets was the easiest task we’ve had; they literally flew off the shelves – definitely a film people wanted to see on the big screen but tonight was definitely a “more than just a cinema” evening.

“Well done, the best night out I’ve had in ages”. Thursday 9th February saw us showing the classic Film Noir from 1946 – The Big Sleep. We’d sold out of this quite a while in advance which was incredibly pleasing given that we thought we’d have an audience of about 30. Instead a massive 61 people sat and watched Humphrey […]

Thursday 17th November and “The Grand Budapest Hotel” came to town. It was our most ambitious show to date in terms of the “immersive” elements. Instead of people walking past our catering stall as they entered the cinema, we featured our own version of the lobby of The Grand Budapest Hotel. “I walked in and I […]

BILLERICAY COMMUNITY CINEMA   BEST NEW FILM SOCIETY OF THE YEAR   In the national “Film Society of the Year Awards” held in Sheffield on Saturday 5th November, Billericay Community Cinema won the coveted “New Film Society of the Year”    Organised by Cinema For All who help develop and support community cinema, this award is […]

It has been a very busy month for Billericay Community Cinema. Three films – and a training session. October 13th saw our combined First Birthday and Halloween showing of “Beetlejuice“. Possibly our most “immersive” show yet it featured a speaker (Andrew Schrader, returning for his second visit) talking about the film, volunteers dressing in character, gravestones, smoke, cocktails […]

Thursday 29th September saw a whole bunch of people gathering in Billericay Library. We were there to celebrate completing a full year of films. 25 films, almost 1,000 customers, over 500 cups of tea served – and over 500 boxes of popcorn made. It’s amazing how the time has flown by. But we were also […]

In terms of immersing our audience – extending the experience beyond the screen – this was our most ambitious show yet. This is what Billericay Community Cinema is all about. We want our shows to be more than just a film – we want them to be a truly local, community experience – and we hope you all really […]

Billericay Community Cinema are honoured to have been shortlisted in two categories in the Film Society of the Year Awards, 2016 – and we’ve been told that the number and quality of entries this year has been especially high and that it is a considerable achievement to have made it onto the shortlist of 6 […]

Interesting in helping run Billericay Community Cinema ? Come along at 7:30pm on Thursday 29th September to Billericay Library where we’ll be holding a friendly, no commitment session over snacks, a little beer, some wine or tea and coffee. The evening will be a mix of social and “business”. Opportunity It’s an opportunity for volunteers – new […]

…and that’s a wrap! Well, we hope everyone enjoyed the fabulous Toy Story yesterday! We certainly loved seeing all the beaming smiles. It was a great movie; 21 years old – and it’s still pulling in the crowds. That’s the sign of a really enjoyable film. As usual we had some additional entertainment to make […]