Thursday 29th September saw a whole bunch of people gathering in Billericay Library.

We were there to celebrate completing a full year of films. 25 films, almost 1,000 customers, over 500 cups of tea served – and over 500 boxes of popcorn made. It’s amazing how the time has flown by.

But we were also gathering volunteers, new and old, to involve them in our next important activity : deciding which fimg_5831ilms to show in 2017. From a shortlist compiled by our Programming Team based on feedback from you, and their thoughts about our strategy (bearing in mind various practicalities such as film availability, length, suitability for our audience and good mix of genres) everyone voted for their preferred films.

We’re very excited about our 2017 Season – more details coming soon !

With that out of the way we moved on to a very entertaining time with each group being given two films (one of r the adults, one for families) and tasked with generating ideas about how we could theme the shows. It was lovely standing back, watching and listening. The hubbub was incredible – and some of the ideas amazing. I’m so looking forward to us all bringing these shows to life next year !


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