Film 142, and 45 guests supported by 13 dedicated Volunteers watched Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway in “The Thomas Crown Affair”. Not having seen the film before and with the 1999 remake (Pierce Brosnan, Renee Russo) as one of my “go to” films I wasn’t sure how I’d find Sunday’s showing of the 1968 original. […]

50/50/23 This year we are launching a new initiative: 50/50/23. Being a volunteer led community group our aim is to provide good quality film entertainment without breaking the bank whilst covering our costs. Not all of our shows break even – it all depends on the numbers of tickets sold, how much the particular film license […]

DECEMBER NEWSLETTER – Number 95 And with that the year has almost gone! Thank you to 32 different Volunteers (including 5 Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme students) who’ve supported us through 22 films. Almost 270 Volunteer stints, something like 1,300 hours of Volunteer time – and in those hours they’ve served over 200 beers, 150 cocktails, 400 […]

“Thank you to the amazing volunteers for making all this happen” Customer feedback, “Mrs Lowry and Son” 7/7/2022 Where to start ? Well after that quote with the Volunteers, obviously! Congratulations to Paul Hayden (left) and Chris Holland (right) who, at Thursday’s screening of “Mrs Lowry and Son” at the Chantry Centre became the 17th […]

“I’m on my own; this is a wonderful thing as it gives me something to do on a Sunday and a chance for a chat” This phrase (or very similar versions) was said by three different people as they left the Chantry Centre at yesterday’s screening of ‘Casablanca’. It made my day as this was […]

We’re now able to confirm our full schedule for the next 6 months. For Film Thursday, we’ve got a wide range of genres from romance to sci-fi, and covering three quarters of a century. Oscar Winner Gary Oldman stars in 2017’s “Darkest Hour”, while our old favourite “Holiday Inn” from 1942 is our Christmas show. […]

Film 107: “The Glenn Miller Story” “Wonderful film! Lovely venue” (Audience feedback) We were expecting a slow start to our new Sunday Matinee series – it takes time for word to spread – but if you’ll forgive the pun, everyone was “In the mood” for a great film. We were really pleased to see 43 […]

Film 106: “West Side Story” “An intermission, how wonderful! And I love the china cups” An audience of 43 watched the rivalry between the Sharks and the Jets develop working their way through a variety of well known songs. It was lovely to meet up with our Volunteers and regulars in our audience again, as […]

30th April, 2020. Today we made our 4th donation to this worthwhile cause – to date over £250 worth of foodstuffs and essentials had been given, a mix of money kindly donated by customers of their tickets to cancelled shows and funds from our reserves. At the beginning we also donated our stocks of “50p […]

Well our season has been well and truly interrupted by this vile virus. We have currently cancelled all shows from March 15th’s Toy Story 4 onwards. Rest assured we will be back, keener than ever to bring some great films and entertainment to our community. What we show will depend on that date. For Film […]