This year we are launching a new initiative: 50/50/23. Being a volunteer led community group our aim is to provide good quality film entertainment without breaking the bank whilst covering our costs. Not all of our shows break even – it all depends on the numbers of tickets sold, how much the particular film license is and whether we’re paying for some additional entertainment. Having said that most of our shows do make a profit. Some gets reinvested in equipment, some subsidises loss making shows and some supports our sponsorship of the Billericay Good Companions Club – but typically we still have some left over. 

Therefore we’re starting 50/50/23. During 2023 we’ll be donating 50% of any profits we make to local Billericay based charities. For the first 6 months these charities will be: 

  • Billericay Men’s Shed based in Lake Meadows, which aims to reduce loneliness and isolation in a fun and practical way
  • Hamelin Trust in Radford Crescent, who support those with learning disabilities and their families
  • Billericay Foodbank who provide weekly food to those who most need it. 

We’re going to leave it up to you as to how the money is split. At the end of each show you can put a token in one of 3 containers, one for each of the groups. Any profits from that show will be apportioned according to the number of tokens received. 

At the next show you get get another token and you can either support the same charity or spread the love around!  

Every 3 months we’ll announce how much has been raised and send the money on its way to each charity.

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