@BillericayCine Film Schedule By the end of January Billericay Community Cinema will have completed 4 full months of operations. This meant we needed a new Film Schedule …. and a lengthy discussion was held to agree what comes next. Based on our experiences so far, the feedback we’ve had from guests, requests that @BillericayCine visitors have made – […]

Why would anyone go to see a film in a library? My wife and I went to see Slumdog Millionaire at Billericay Library for three reasons: we’d not seen the film before; we wanted to see how on earth the library could be transformed into the Billericay Community Cinema; and we were keen to support […]

Lesson Number 1 : It’s not simple ! Not having any previous experience we soon discovered that putting on a show is quite a complex affair. It doesn’t just happen on the night – in fact advance work on the next show starts even before the previous one has finished. This is some of what’s involved : Licenses All of […]