Too many people are “socially isolated” – and Sunday afternoons can often be the longest time of the week.

A great film, a talk about the film with tea and a slice of cake included and all the human interaction that this involves can be a great way of helping.

This is a long post – but please read … you will almost certainly know someone who might benefit …

Billericay Community Cinema will be running a Sunday afternoon matinee showing “Singin’ in the Rain” on 17th November targeted particularly at those living with dementia and their carer/partners, and those older members of the community who might be living on their own or don’t get to meet many people.

Do you know someone who might be interested ? A friend ? A neighbour ? That person down the street who you only ever see when they pop out for their food shop ?

Contacting the socially isolated is, by definition, one of the hardest things to do. We need your help; YOU know those people, you’ve seen them.If you know someone who this might benefit, please email, subject Sunday Matinee – and we will let you know details nearer the date which you can pass on to that friend, relative or neighbour.

The screening will also be “Dementia Friendly” – this means it will involve a slightly lower sound level, a little more light and enhanced signage, more graphics showing not only where the loos are, but importantly how to get back from the loos to the auditorium. It will also be a “safe” environment where carers/partners can relax.

We will have experts from various groups in attendance who can provide support and advice in Billericay Library and we will be supported by numerous groups including the newly formed Billericay Dementia Action Alliance.

Even if you haven’t spoken to that person, you can help. Email us, we’ll send you the details nearer the time and you can print off our email, talk to that person and maybe, just maybe you’ll be giving them an afternoon that they can only dream about.

But it’s only because the people we want to help the most are, by definition, the people who are hardest to reach.

You can help bridge that gap.

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