Prizes kindly donated by Hazle’s Pottery Barn
Competition organised by Hazle’s Pottery Barn


Open to anyone living within 2 miles of Billericay High Street.


We want you to design a plate. It can be anything you like: a memorable moment; a picture of your family or pet; it could be a unicorn or your favourite place. The choice is yours!! The winner will get the opportunity to paint it on a real plate. The plate will then be glazed and fired in the kiln.


Junior School (Years 3 to 6)
Senior School (Years 7 to 11)


There will be a prize for each category. You will be able to go to Hazle’s Pottery Barn (in Barleylands) and paint your design on a plate size of your choice with the plate glazed and fired for you.


The competition will close on July 31st. You have plenty of time to design your plate, however, please send them to us when they are completed : we might make you famous by posting some of the best examples on Facebook !!!


Email your entries to, with the subject “PLATE DESIGN”. Please ensure that your entry includes:

  • The entrant’s name
  • The category they are entering (Junior or Senior School)
  • Your postal address
  • A photo of the plate design


We may post your entry on our Facebook feed. If we do we will only use your first name and the category in which you have entered. Judges will be made up from staff at Hazle’s Pottery Barn


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